Choosing a degree

Pursuing a degree in the arts can be a daunting task, but in truth this degree can be whatever you want it to be! Different programs such as BA (Bachelor of Arts) and BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) have different benefits,  allowing  you to find a program that is tailored specifically to your needs.



  • Focuses on intensive training in one specific field 

  • Primarily audition-based programs

  • About 80% of your classes will be within your major and about 20% of classes will be outside of your major

  • BFA programs have more private funding and therefore typically have more partnerships with professional theatres/access to opportunities with other industry professionals.


  • Focuses on a well rounded education across arts and sciences

  • Primarily Non-Audition programs

  • About 60% of your classes will be within your major and about 40% of your classes will be outside of your major

  • It is easier to double major or minor if you are getting a BA 

  • The programs are usually smaller than BFA programs and are more student-centered

Both of these programs can and will lead you to a career in the arts. One is not inherently better than the other. It is truly about what you are more interested in pursuing!
For example, let’s take Student A and Student B...

Student A

Student A is very passionate about lighting design. It is a dream of theirs to leave college and immediately begin working as a lighting designer for regional theatres all across the country. They are very excited about the opportunity of designing for some of the shows within the college they are attending, but are mostly looking for building working relationships with professionals already in the industry. 

Student B

Student B really loves to act but is also very interested in playwriting, and directing. They are hoping to double major in theatre and women’s and gender studies in college. Within their theatre major, Student B is hoping that they will have the opportunity to produce their own work by the time they reach senior year.

Based on the information above: Student A would probably be very happy with a BFA degree while Student B would be able to accomplish everything they’d like to with a BA degree.


Whether you decide to pursue a BA or a BFA, thank you for letting us help you find your light.