Photography by Trace Turner

Our Mission  

Creating equity and accessibility for all seeking to change the world of performing arts through higher education. 


As artists ourselves, the Ghost Light team recognizes a significant lack of diverse representation in all aspects of the entertainment industry in the United States. Historically this gap stems from an education model designed to benefit communities of privilege through a lack of unified resources and/or significant financial burden. In our commitment to making performing arts education universally accessible, Ghost Light is taking a multi-pronged approach to providing extensive resources to an array of students including but not limited to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, transgender and gender nonconforming, financially disadvantaged, and artists of all abilities and body types. 


Ghost Light is committed to providing… 

  • Online resources detailing various types of higher education performing arts programs.

  • Coaching and support throughout the college audition process, from self tapes to interviews, portfolio reviews, and in-person auditions.

  • Counseling and guidance through the general college application process.

  • Financial support to offset application and audition fees.


Through our commitment to equity and inclusivity we are working to diversify the next generation of theatre in America, cultivating a universal community of empathy, acceptance, and advocacy.


Everyone has the power to tell their story. Let us help you find your light.